Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BUSTING OUT: Masters of Their Domain

BUSTING OUT: Masters of their own domain

Lust, greed, and the futility of men's and women's search for reality are just some of the themes that punctuate this exciting new show at Gallery at Wentworth, featuring a range of students and graduates from the College of Fine Art's Masters of Art program. Handpicked for their unique flair and talent, this show is an eclectic expose of new works by Tony Curran, Carla Hananiah, Gavin Cawthorn, Sophie P.d'Abrigeon, Anne Barrett, Stephen Yates and Anastasia Taylor.

Tony Curran's research into visual perception is expressed via colourful, interactive, and experimental neo-paintings which have been featured in exhibitions locally, interstate and internationally. www.tonycurran.blogspot.com.

Carla Hananiah's paintings involve an indepth study of contemporary imaging of landscapes and how memory can both form and deform artistic expression. www.carlahananiah.com

Gavin Cawthorn's paintings subtly discuss the inevitability of decay in photorealistic paintings of wealth symbols which become carefully curated still life works. He has exhibitted in numerous shows in regional and urban NSW. www.gavincawthorn.com

Stephen Yates' paintings depict the exotic. Travelling around the world Stephen has researched this subject in Laos, Cambodia and the reef fringed northern islands of New Guinea. As an outsider Stephen uses a hightened sense of awareness and understanding to dive into different cultures to give to us his anthropological representations. By day Stephen is an art teacher in the Sydney suburbs.

Sophie P.d'Abrigeon investigates the voyeur, and the power imbalance between subject and object in gender relationships. Eerie, political and provocative, Sophie's works stand up for the new taboo of gender discourse, in a world of confusingly altered gender politics.

Anastasia Taylor is an artist who has lived around Europe and the US before settling in Australia, Anastasia's work is a must see for lovers of Art History and inquisitors into national identity. Anastasia combines images from places she has been to express something both personal and universal about her visits/travels.

Anne Barrett works with the macroscopic and microscopic together to bring about a cosmos of waves and particles suspended in a state of constant flux, governed by forces of chaos and order. Anne's research explores the nexus of art, science and technology, using oil paint on smooth synthetic canvas. Her practice mirrors her concept by utilising techniques of chance and control within the painting process and by mimicking contemporary imaging techniques and the surface aesthetic of the electronic screen.

This show opens on January 14 at Gallery at Wentworth – 17 Bligh St, Sydney and will continue until January 20. Celebrations for the opening night commence at 5:30pm until 8pm January 14.