Saturday, December 20, 2008

SONYA GEE interview on Kluster

The girl who keeps on giving, Sonya Gee can be studied in depth via a thorough interview conducted by Kluster. Sonya is a unique artist/writer who persistently reminds her audience to FUN.

Check out the interview by clicking here.


Group show featuring REALPERSPECTIVE artist and curator Tony Curran.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This series of three photographs explores the discrepancies between unaltered photographic images, and superimposed digital manipulation. Nudzejma defines traits of both, and merges their similarities into ambiguity.

Jason McDermott is a PhD student of Architecture at UTS. His research is in Informal Dialogue, which is about how architectural space communicates with it's surrounding environments and occupants. On December 10 Jason unveilled his latest work which is a computer program designed in Max MSP which projects a digital canvas onto the wall of TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst for the exhibition REAL PERSPECTIVE. Viewers are able to use a virtual paint applicator in the form of a wii controller.

Jason's vision for his work is to allow artists to explore a digital medium beyond the desk-top studio that the digital revolution perpetuates. How this plays into architecture is that anyone can become the artist, occupant, and architect by wielding dominion of the visual environment.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Each week for just over a year, Sonya Gee has been packing tiny presents into matchboxes and strategically abandoning them all over the city, as small presents for strangers. From baby babushka dolls, miniature harmonicas and thumb-sized bowling sets, this work is a visual summary of gifts left and of its cult blog.

Sonya is a writer, multimedia journalist and local historian interested in documenting things that get lost in the crowd.

ANDREW HAINING creates a kaleidescope of video. Through his work an infinity of space is bent and reflected for the viewer so that the two-dimensional medium of video can be viewed from infinite points at once.

Friday, December 5, 2008



Every Day Is My Birthday: 365 Packagings

Shrink wrapping everyday/junk objects to investigate the fetish nature of our relationship to consumer detritus.

JD has just completed his studies at the College of Fine Arts, in sculpture.


Anne-Louise's drawings evolve as an an emotive recollection of time, place and people - recording and processing thoughts and memories. Deeply personal her work is gestural, raw and sometimes somewhat unresolved.

Anne-Louise has completed her Bachelors in Design.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jacob Burge’s recent body of work “As snowstorms of ash fall on Sunken Cities …” combines the techniques and materials of street art with an expressive approach to depict post-apocalyptic visions of a submerged metropolis.

Using the built environment as a metaphor for the current climate of fear and anxiety, (whether that be the war on terror, global climate change, or the worsening economic crisis) the paintings themselves have a shimmering and ethereal effect that belies their grave subject matter.

Jacob is current undertaking his Master of Art at the College of Fine Art Sydney.

Sam Bryant – Commercial Film Director

While Baz Luhrmann's latest film Australia was highly anticipated, this work certainly was not. Sam Bryant has cheekily renovated a life-sized equine, a left over prop from the epic production. The police have already been called by suspicious neighbours in the construction of this piece, concerned for the wellbeing of the animal imposter.

Sam Bryant is a commercial film director, who has just finished production for Josh Pyke's latest video clip 'Make you Happy'.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok so Real Perspective now has an alcohol sponsor for the opening night. They are Happy Goblin and you can check them out at

Come to TAP on the 10th of December to try their brew!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Tina Salama

An assembly line of toy guns is not an invitation to play nor a comment on violence. By placing objects amongst masses of themselves, Tina's work uses repetition to break down the logic of subject and object. The effect is a mental jarring and with it, a challenge to discriminate.

TINA SALAMA is an architect and philosopher who spends her life fascinated by light, logic and toys.

Korshi Dosoo

Korshi's paintings are delicately constructed with vibrant colours and spectacular penmanship where animals lie comfortably with their prehistoric ancestors. Cute meets field drawing as Korshi takes us into his world of imaginary animal relationships.

Korshi Dosoo has just completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. He wore a kilt, collared shirt and tie to his grad show.