Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris Burgess at World Bar 25th of February

"Crispy, stencil artist extrordinaire - you know his face and might just have seen his art. At Cafe Guilia he may have made you laugh. Haven't been to Guilia? Let's start from scratch. Crispy is a flamboyant character. He has circulated the inner-city art scene with a deep desire to express himself within this colourful demographic of loveable people who are after an expression of their own inner experience. While being quite gregarious within his cafe persona, Chris Burgess has found a home within this community that has driven him to unleash the artist who can appreciate the world for the beautiful spectacle that it is. Despite formal training, navgation through the formal, the informal and moreover, the incedental parts of life has given him a unique and fresh approach towards the endeavour for artistic expression. Raised with five sisters, femininity has inevitably played a big part in the development of his vision as luscivious forms depict romantic silohettes reminicent of fifties pin-up girls, representing the fragility and power of the femine condition."

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