Monday, April 13, 2009

Each week, a decorated matchbox with a tiny present hidden inside is left by a girl (and sometimes willing friends) somewhere in her travels. It's a random act of semi-artistic kindness aimed at disrupting someone's day in a tiny but positive way. That's if they dare to pick it up...

Sonya Gee first fell into Real Perspective as a featured artist with the launch of REALPERSPECTIVE. Sonya's matchboxes have captured innumerable attention in recent months and at REAL PERSPECTIVE we're proud as punch to be announcing her upcoming show.

As we speak Sonya Gee is in her studio crafting up limited edition matchboxes for a show happening this Wednesday at THE WALL at World Bar in Kings Cross. BID-A-BOX will feature ten matchboxes on display for a silent auction. The winners walk away with part of this project that has been catching phenomenal media attention over the last two years. For more information on this project visit The Matchbox Project!

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