Monday, December 15, 2008


This series of three photographs explores the discrepancies between unaltered photographic images, and superimposed digital manipulation. Nudzejma defines traits of both, and merges their similarities into ambiguity.

Jason McDermott is a PhD student of Architecture at UTS. His research is in Informal Dialogue, which is about how architectural space communicates with it's surrounding environments and occupants. On December 10 Jason unveilled his latest work which is a computer program designed in Max MSP which projects a digital canvas onto the wall of TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst for the exhibition REAL PERSPECTIVE. Viewers are able to use a virtual paint applicator in the form of a wii controller.

Jason's vision for his work is to allow artists to explore a digital medium beyond the desk-top studio that the digital revolution perpetuates. How this plays into architecture is that anyone can become the artist, occupant, and architect by wielding dominion of the visual environment.

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