Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jacob Burge’s recent body of work “As snowstorms of ash fall on Sunken Cities …” combines the techniques and materials of street art with an expressive approach to depict post-apocalyptic visions of a submerged metropolis.

Using the built environment as a metaphor for the current climate of fear and anxiety, (whether that be the war on terror, global climate change, or the worsening economic crisis) the paintings themselves have a shimmering and ethereal effect that belies their grave subject matter.

Jacob is current undertaking his Master of Art at the College of Fine Art Sydney.

Sam Bryant – Commercial Film Director

While Baz Luhrmann's latest film Australia was highly anticipated, this work certainly was not. Sam Bryant has cheekily renovated a life-sized equine, a left over prop from the epic production. The police have already been called by suspicious neighbours in the construction of this piece, concerned for the wellbeing of the animal imposter.

Sam Bryant is a commercial film director, who has just finished production for Josh Pyke's latest video clip 'Make you Happy'.

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