Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leslie Rice is best known for his nocturne paintings on velvet and his dark and dramatic frames than he is for his frescoes. Nevertheless the subject matter in his frescoes has a signiature Rice feel. At MOP Projects you will find the above painting and another like it. The frescoes are stencilled paint art on plaster. It is a time saving technique for these beautifully constructed stereoptic image. But make sure you take your own glasses with you, the artist has not supplied the gallery with any.

Stereoptic images are of particular interest to REAL PERSPECTIVE as they utilize a greater higher order of spatial information for the fore, mid and background recession. A concept that Da Vinci was aware of but hadn't figured out how to execute.

The composition used in this work is effective as the locations of objects are spatially convincing as the disparity of the visual scene increases from fore to back-ground. It seems that the artist has got the knack of a few stereoscopic techniques but is limitted by his use of stencils. A free hand painting would allow for greater development of the composition. I look forward to future stereoptic works by Rice to employ a more complicated map of visual disparity to build a greater sense of depth to the objects as well as between them.

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