Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Small Present for Neighbours

Matchboxes, lucky dips, and small presents for strangers are among the feel-good repertoire that makes up artist Sonya Gee. It seems that everywhere this emerging practitioner infiltrates ends up richer and sweeter than it was before.

So it is no surprise that upon this lady's decision to leave her family home where she grew up, move to the big city where she can fulfill her dreams of cupcakeries, wardrobes and strawberry pancakes, she put together a tribute to her home town; something to remember her by.

Neighbourhood Watch is Sonya's latest work. Curated by Tony Curran, it's a microhistory exhibition at Brush Farm Park which tells stories of characters around the City of Ryde who "you won't find on google". The exhibition is marked with non-celebrity photos and stories of good citizens from a cake shop to a primary school aerobics instructor.

The Night was officially opened by Vic Tagg, the Mayor of Ryde, with an address by Maxine Mackew whose political campaign unseated the former Australian Prime Minister in the Bennelong electorate surrounding Ryde. Her campaign was a pivotal community moment in recent Ryde history and her address on the opening night placed her within the exhibition among all the other artifacts of the community identity.

Neighbourhood Watch
opened last night and will run until the 7th of April. Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am -4pm at 19 Lawson St, Eastwood.

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